Over 25 kilometers of roads have been developed by Project Mercy to give community members needed access to community development services, the ability to safely and quickly reach critical healthcare services, benefit from the rapid response of ambulances, access to take their goods to market, ease of reaching their relatives in other Kebeles/townships and efficiency in getting to and from work.  In addition, nearly 15 kilometers of trenches have been dug to bury pipes that carry clean water to 20 water distribution sites throughout the community.  Four reservoirs have been built - each capable of storing 100,000 liters of water for a total of 400,000 liters that are channeled to the 20 water distribution sites.  Also, working with the authorities, over 17 kilometers of high voltage electrical power line has been brought into three Kebeles.  These are just a few of the infrastructure projects that were undertaken and performed by Project Mercy.