Project Mercy's mission started with a focus on refugee relief in 1977 until the early 1990's where they provided food and clothing assistance in seven countries within Africa.  In 1993, Project Mercy's focus expanded to encompass community development in Yetebon, Ethiopia.  In 1999 through 2003, Ethiopia suffered great famine.  The famine relief efforts provided through Project Mercy during the 1999-2000 famine were extensive but life saving for many in and around the Yetebon area. When the famine erupted again in 2003, Project Mercy –

  • Delivered monthly dry rations dispersed to 200,000 heads of families at sites within a 180 mile-circumference from Yetebon
  • Cared for hundreds of the most severe cases of malnutrition in its emergency feeding centers.
  • Cared for 75,000 children involved in our Supplemental Care Program (fed five times per day)
  • Cared for an additional 1,300 children and elderly cared for in our Therapeutic Feeding Program (fed intravenously due to the severity of malnutrition).
  • In spite of the horrendous affects of that famine, most of the children and elderly were saved. Project Mercy soon realized that providing a means for ongoing food sources is the key to eradicating future famine. Initiating family food security measures were implemented and are now beginning to provide sustenance and also a means for income within the community.