Success Stories


Project Mercy is happy to provide support to many children who for many reasons have no one to care for them. To date, 72 children reside within Project Mercy’s compound in Yetebon. All of the children have heart-wrenching stories. One of these children, Lydia, was abandoned as an infant by her mother. This is Lydia’s story:

Screams were heard early in the morning from the edge of Project Mercy’s property. There was baby Lydia, cold and alone. Her mother had pushed her in through the thorny hedge and left her there. Feeling abandoned and hurting from being shoved through a thicket of 2” thorns, Lydia continued to scream until her strength was gone. “For weeks she would not let anyone hold her without screaming.” Marta explained, "Lydia, the name we gave to her, after one year, is just now beginning to bond with her house mother and her little friend, Sarah. She recently came up to Deme and me and let us hold her. It truly melted my heart."

Recently one of our guests at the Yetebon compound waved to Lydia walking by with her friend Sarah and their house mother. This guest had heard Lydia’s story so she slowly approached Lydia and quietly said "Hi". Amazingly, Lydia reached towards her and offered a half-hug. Possibly the greatest gift she was able to give.

Project Mercy is deeply appreciative for the opportunity to provide a safe haven for children like Lydia. It is Project Mercy’s hope through providing them with the love and care of a new family that they will be grounded with a sense of wellbeing. Couple that with an education and they will be empowered to be an asset to their community and their country.