About Us


Established in 1977, Project Mercy, Inc. is an international not-for-profit relief and development agency providing aid, comfort and support in the name of Jesus Christ. Our vision is to renew the heart of a nation. Our goal is to alleviate human suffering and overcome systemic poverty in Ethiopia. Based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Project Mercy is a registered 501(c)3 organization.

Project Mercy's philosophy: A Holistic Approach - "In order to fight against poverty you have to attack it from many different directions and then pluck it out," explains Marta. "We cannot educate children if the only outcome is to make them discontented with the limited job opportunities currently available to them.  We cannot just treat symptoms of malnutrition in the clinic and not also improve nutrition and agricultural production.  We cannot teach good hygiene practices if people still need to bathe and drink from the same contaminated water supply.  Clean water piped into each home is possible only if economic conditions are improved for the entire community."  

In ways only God could have planned, Yetebon became the first "garden" where this model would be developed and tested. When Project Mercy began its development work in 1993, Yetebon was a severely impoverished and illiterate community that led a meager existence for survival. Health, education, and alleviating poverty were priorities for the community elders.  By 2014, Project Mercy had seen marked improvements in education, healthcare, economic opportunity, agriculture, infrastructure, and spiritual hope!