Empowering Communities: Medhane-Alem Kindergarten's Impact in Ethiopia

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Project Mercy
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In Yetebon, Ethiopia, the Medhane-Alem kindergarten buzzes with morning excitement. Children giggle in line for prayers and the national anthem, gearing up for a nutritious breakfast that fuels their learning.

Tsehay Mekonen, the kindergarten principal, moved to Yetebon from the capital city, Addis Ababa, five years ago to impact the community. 

“I love working here. It brings me peace that I am helping kids who need me,”

she says.

She wants to expand her knowledge by taking classes on harmful traditional practices and is excited by the prospect of a daycare center at Medhane-Alem.

Attracting dedicated teachers like Tsehay is what makes the kindergarten so transformational. 


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