From Struggle to Success: Aregash Yeheyi's Journey with the Dairy Breeding Program

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Aregash Yeheyi lives in the rural village of Seriti Kebele, located in the Angolela Tera Woreda of Ethiopia. She is a mother of four and just like all mothers wants to ensure the best possible care for her children. With just a single cow that produced only one liter of milk a day, Aregash used to struggle to meet her family’s nutritional needs. As part of Project Mercy’s Dairy Cattle Breeding Program, Aregash was provided with a pregnant heifer, which was crossbred between a local Ethiopian breed and the Jersey breed, which produces nearly nine times as much milk per day.

“After receiving the first pregnant heifer, we were able to get more milk for our children to enjoy”

, Aregash said.

“After some time, we built a new home and had no financial constraint to buy feed for our cows, who gave birth almost every year.”

With nearly 400 cattle distributed via the Dairy Cattle Breeding Program, Aregash’s story now mirrors that of many other families throughout Angolela Tera Woreda.

The first heifer Aregash received gave birth to a male calf, which was sold once it turned two years old. The proceeds from that sale provided enough money for her to build a new house. The cows continue to provide milk, and as the herd increases in size, that income source continues to grow. Rather than having her children work, either at the family smallholder farm or at the market, each of Aregash’s four children can attend school, helping break the cycle of poverty in Ethiopia.


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