Empowering Artisans: Gorfnesh's Story of Economic Transformation

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Project Mercy
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Gorfnesh is a skilled basket weaver based in Buta Jira, Ethiopia. On average, she makes two baskets a month. Her kauna grass-based baskets enable her to make approximately 800 Birr per product. Through her basket weaving, she has been able to improve her mud house to a brick house, as well as take care of her family of seven. 

Stories like Gorfnesh’s were uncommon prior to launching Project Mercy’s economic empowerment programs. Many women in Yetebon made their living by carrying firewood to the market for sale. This back-breaking work not only resulted in little income but also contributed to health complications.

Today, through the basket weaving program, more women in Yetebon have found a new lease of life


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