Mohamed Shafo: Revolutionizing Coffee Cultivation in Yetebon

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Project Mercy
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Mohamed Shafo is the Farm Manager at Project Mercy’s model farm, where today he teaches the local community about raising coffee seedlings. His experience stems from a sponsored trip to Sidama country in collaboration with Starbucks, during which he learned from local farmers and engaged in harvesting, washing, drying, and preparation. This hands-on experience would prove vital for Yetebon’s upcoming coffee cultivation for export.

Witnessing the disparity between traditional practices in Yetebon and the modern techniques of Sidama left Mohamed astonished. Fueled by newfound knowledge, he crafted a plan to apply these innovative methods, guiding local cooperatives toward success. Eager to share the transformative impact of his journey, Mohamed recommended the experience to others, accompanying them on subsequent trips.

Mohamed’s trip ignited a determination to bring positive change to his community. With fresh ideas and a broader perspective, he envisions revolutionizing coffee cultivation in Yetebon.


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