Empowering Innovation: Tesfu's Journey as a Young Inventor

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Project Mercy
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Tesfu, an 11th-grade student, possesses a remarkable talent for building small machines and creating innovative solutions. His latest achievement is a wooden prototype of a farming truck that efficiently sows seeds. Tesfu’s goal is to produce these machines locally, ensuring their affordability for the community.

Being the fourth child in a family of seven, Tesfu is affectionately referred to as “Engineer” due to his relentless pursuit of designing and constructing useful inventions. He plans to continue his studies at a nearby university after graduating, allowing him to stay connected to his hometown of Yetebon.

During school breaks, Tesfu spends his time in the workshop, constantly expanding his skills and knowledge. His creativity has earned him first place in numerous competitions, including his impressive potato-slicing machine.

With his innovative spirit and determination, Tesfu has the potential to revolutionize the local community with his small machines and problem-solving abilities.


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